Monday, January 26, 2009

Antique Engagement Rings

Some people search a long time for that one particular person who gives a feeling of happiness and contentment - that person who brings out the best in them. When the right one comes along, the most natural next-step is to want to spend the rest of your life with that person. A marriage is not too far off, and if you’re a man, you’re probably now juggling ways to pop the question.So most people are in the look out for antique engagement rings.

When you do plan to ask her hand in marriage, then you should carefully consider the kind of antique engagement ring you would give her. The engagement ring is a symbol of love and a lifetime of commitment to the other person. It is therefore important that the ring would be all that is unique and valuable about your loved one.

Antique designer engagement rings, like any other designer products, are popular because they are reputed for high quality and robustness. In the field of engagement rings, there are a few designers who excel namely Robbins Bros, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Ritani, Zales, or Tacori.

The designer engagement rings from these brands come in several themes and styles, so that there is a wide array of choices for different couples. There are rings made of precious gemstones like sapphire, ruby, or emerald, but of course, the diamond is still the most popular. As for the metal band, the trend for designer engagement rings now is the use of platinum.

Choosing unique antique engagement rings is not easy, but the search for that most suitable band gives a feeling of euphoria for the man who buys it, and the woman who gets to wear it on her finger.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Engagement or Wedding Rings

Love is an eternal thing and when a couple falls in love then they want to try a not and finally it ends up in marriage. Then arises the need for engagement ring or wedding ring. Many are of the opinion of having a designer engagement or wedding ring some wants a cheap ring or some wants to design their own ring. So it varies from person to person and from couple to couple.But whatever each couple's idea is, everyone wants a ring that is special in its design and look. Here are some small collection of designer engagement rings.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Own Engagement Ring

When two persons are in love and they decide to get engaged then there arises a lot of question in the couples mind, such as, how to buy an engagement ring, how much to spend on engagement ring, whether to design your own engagement rings and so on. Some are in the lookout for a cheap engagement ring, some want an antique style engagement ring, some want vintage engagement ring and so on. The choices vary from couple to couple. You can find cheap or inexpensive engagement rings in a vast variety in any jewelry stores. But to get designer engagement rings you need to look out for a designer who will design it for you. Now you can create or build your own engagement ring and even you can design your own engagement ring. Nowadays you get affordable engagement rings in many stores and many of them are unique or unusual in look and design. Now many companies have launched their own designer collection wedding or engagement rings. These companies design the rings according to the latest fashion or antique style. To name some of these companies are CZ engagement rings, Scott Kay engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, and so on. You can also avail discount on these engagement rings in some season. You will get to see even custom engagement rings in these stores and there you can also design an engagement ring of your choice. Many of these stores also display some celebrity engagement rings designed by them.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Design Engagement Rings for your Wedding

Did you know you can save a lot on your wedding ring expenses when you design engagement rings for yourself. Fashion conscious brides who can't afford to buy an engagement ring designed by a designer could try to design their wedding or engagement ring. You can search for excellent designs online and start designing your own engagement ring right now. Here's a video of a women wearing a designer engagement ring.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unique Engagement or Wedding Ring

One of the most important decisions made by a couple planning to get married is that of the wedding ring or the engagement ring and to choose an unique engagement ring it’s a big task; this is a special part of the marriage process and should have great meaning. The rings are an indication of shared love and should show this; everyone has a ring that is made purely for them and as soon as you see it you will realize this. For something this important a couple should find a specialist jeweler for their wedding rings; if possible avoid one of the jewelers chains situated in shopping malls everywhere as it is unlikely anything unique will be found there.

Your local mall jeweler may not stock a variety of metals, styles and finishes; you would be better off spending time at jewelers that will be able to provide what you are looking for. Using a specialist should also make it easier when you are trying to find a ring that works well with the engagement ring so the two do not conflict.

The wedding ring should be attractive, but by the standards of the engagement ring – understated; try to find a jeweler that stocks both types of ring, especially those that are designed to go together. Try on different wedding bands and sit them next to the designer engagement ring to see how they look together.

Fashions in rings come and go but the traditional metals including: Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Titanium; recently however, platinum has become the metal of choice because of its durability. Of the two partners, it is the man who will appreciate a platinum ring's durability more. It is important the ring looks good for many years; men are the people most likely to have a manual position, and also the most likely of the couple to damage them!

Ensuring the wedding rings fit perfectly is essential; this should be carried out by the jeweler to ensure there are no mistakes. It is just as important to ensure the rings are not so loose that there is a chance they will be lost.

It is important that you allow the jeweler enough time to complete your ring order by your wedding day; be sure that you go looking for your rings a few months before your wedding so they will be ready for your big day. Choosing wedding bands you will both like and that match the engagement ring may take some time; allow for this as it is not uncommon for couples to choose in haste and then regret their decision later.

Wedding rings represent the love two people have for one another; this is why it makes sense to choose something you will both enjoy wearing

Friday, February 22, 2008

Designer Engagement Rings

Every woman craves to have a designer engagement ring when it’s come to an engagement ring of a woman’s choice. You get a variety of engagement designer ring in gold, platinum and diamonds and even in many precious stones. Fashionable diamond engagement ring includes all substances of valuable metals which are studded with diamonds. So when anyone meets his/her person of dream and they decide to get engaged then the need for engagement ring. Everyone has an idea about how the engagement ring will look like but the difficulty is that you will not find accurately what you have in your mind and in your thought. Now the role of a fashion custom designer arises who can give the exact ring that you are looking for.

As someone receives the engagement ring that person mostly women spent a lot of time staring at it and at the same time dreaming and planning about their wedding party. You will find astonishing or overwhelming style in designer engagement ring that are being made these days and a number of these engagement ring come with wonderful matching wedding rings. There are many couples who go from one jewelry store to another jewelry store in search of a perfect engagement ring but many a times they are let down when they find that nothing fits with their idea or imagination of their ring. So when they lastly take help of the custom jeweler that can provide a custom designed engagement ring, there they become confuse to take a firm decision. This situation arises as the custom or the fashion jewelers are incapable to provide a convincing model or design of how the ring is going to look when it’s completed. The majority people have a hard time in understanding conceptual items like custom jewelry because they don't be on familiar terms with what to expect as because the design or the model is in the mind of the jeweler's mind not theirs.

Nowadays the fashion or custom designers are taking the help of new techniques and technologies when creating your custom engagement or wedding ring design. The technology that these designers use is the 3D Computer Aided Design or otherwise known as CAD design. Current advancement of the computer program in this field have allowed for astonishing potentialities when designing jewelry. This software is used to generate a computer model of the design and then the design is sent to a CNC (computer numerical control) mill that cuts the wax in a very precise manner. The advantage of CAD design is the competence to generate very specific jewelry designs that are for more appropriate than a hand-carved wax model. Lastly, this CAD wax allows for much more complicated design capabilities and also better-quality assembly.

If you are looking for some specific designer engagement ring then Rivazge, Tacori, Tanisque and many more you can find astonishing choice of quality diamond, gold platinum jewellery available at attractive prices. They manufacture a superb collection of diamond engagement rings and also sometimes give you the opportunity to obtain an astonishing ring at a very reasonable price and may be the engagement ring evolve to be better than the ring that you have in your mind.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cheap Engagement Rings

Young couples who plan to marry are always in lookout for cheap engagement ring and must spend some quality time when it comes to choosing their wedding rings; this is one area where the couple will not want advice from anyone else, no matter how close. Take as much the time as needed to consider which will be chosen; find rings that symbolize your commitment to each other in the years to come. Quality but economic or cheap engagement rings are what are required for your wedding day; although you probably won't find what you want at your local shopping mall. Nowadays fashion or designer engagement rings are also very common.

Your local mall jeweler may not stock a variety of metals, styles and finishes; you would be better off spending time at jewelers that will be able to provide what you are looking for. The type of ring will be based on the engagement ring but must also be something that suits the man as well if it is to match.

Couples should not purchase wedding rings that overpower the engagement ring as these rings are meant to be understated; although you can buy them in matching sets, this is not always possible. Alternatively you will just need to spend time trying new wedding bands until you find one that matches the engagement ring.

Metals most often used are: Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Titanium; however, it is platinum that is being chosen more frequently when the budget allows. Platinum is a particularly good choice for rings as they keep their looks for much longer than gold and men appreciate the strength that is inherent in platinum. Traditionally, men are more likely to cause damage to a ring; they are the ones who will have the most marks and damage if examined.

Sizing is very important and essential if you do not want a problem putting the wedding rings on at the ceremony; make sure that you get professionally sized instead of making a guess. You want to be sure the ring will fit correctly; this will prevent it from being too tight or too loose and slipping off.

It is important that you allow the jeweler enough time to complete your ring order by your wedding day; be sure that you go looking for your rings a few months before your wedding so they will be ready for your big day. With so many wedding band designs available today, picking the right one is not a fast process; this will certainly take longer than you expect and another reason not to delay.

Keep in mind that wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment; such a noble commitment demands you buy rings that you will enjoy wearing for the rest of your life.

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